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custom word artWe are very proud of our custom word art gallery. Our vast range of artworks is a perfect place to start when creating your own unique piece of art. We have created a bespoke canvas for every occasion and our customers are continuously delighted with the results of their word art creation.

We are specialists at creating unique and interesting personalised art and our passion extends into providing a great customer experience. We want our customers to be so happy with their completed and delivered canvas that they feel the need to tell their friends and family about
Word art is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Although we are an Australian based company our customers are from all over the planet.

Personalised word art is a beautiful yet simple way of decorating your home with a piece of your personality. One of the reasons why word art is so popular is its simplistic beauty. When you are inspired to create a piece of word art on one of our fantastic canvases, you will choose a word or group of words that mean something to you and then we will display it on colourful and high quality canvas.
The words you have chosen then become the art. Word art can be appreciated by everyone despite their age or art knowledge. Words are a part of our everyday lives and when we see special words that have been made into a beautiful and unique piece of art we find it very easy to enjoy.

Our Custom Word Art Canvases

Canvas wedding word artOur range of word art canvases are vast, varied and is guaranteed to have at least one design that you will love.

Some of our most popular designs include: word clusters art design, 9 panel canvas prints, feel good custom art design, bus scrolls squares design, photo name art design and typographic photo art design.

We have 18 distinct typographic styles that can be used to create your words, we can create the art on stretched canvas, rolled canvas or you can have the word art framed. Our 100% cotton canvas is of the highest archival quality.

Whether you are looking to buy something for yourself or a gift for a friend or family member there is word art for everyone in our great canvas gallery.
Personalised art is increasing in popularity but to due to the uniqueness of each design you can be certain that your piece of art is one of a kind.

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