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As a creator, your passion for personalisation and creativity extends to every corner of your home. You’re always on the lookout for unique ways to add a personal touch, making your space truly your own. Recently, you’ve probably noticed an emerging trend: Word Art Prints for Personalised Pin Map Pillows. It’s the perfect marriage of comfort, nostalgia, and design, creating a unique piece of decor that not only adds a splash of personality but also tells a beautiful story.

Table of Contents
1. Exploring the Concept of Word Art Prints
2. Personalised Pin Map Pillows: A Blend of Comfort and Memories
3. Creating Your Own Personalised Pin Map Pillows
4. Benefits of Personalised Decor
5. FAQs

Exploring the Concept of Word Art Prints

Word Art Prints are a modern, creative way to express yourself. Instead of traditional art forms, these designs incorporate typography and words to create an aesthetically pleasing image. Beyond a Word, an Australian company, offers a variety of personalised Word Art designs that you can incorporate into your home decor, whether it be on canvas, as a framed print, or even as a pillow cover.

Personalised Pin Map Pillows: A Blend of Comfort and Memories

Imagine cuddling up with a pillow that not only offers comfort but also sparks a flood of warm, happy memories. That’s the idea behind Personalised Pin Map Pillows. These pillows feature a map design, which you can personalise with pins or markings at places that are special to you. It could be the city where you first fell in love, the small town where you grew up, or the far-flung destination where you had your most memorable vacation.

Beyond a Word offers a selection of cityscape word art designs, which could be the perfect starting point for your personalised pin map pillow.

Creating Your Own Personalised Pin Map Pillows

Creating your personalised pin map pillow is an enjoyable, creative process:

  1. Choose your map: Start by choosing the map you want to feature on your pillow. It could be a world map, a country map, or a city map.
  2. Mark your locations: Next, mark the locations that are special to you. You could use pins, stickers, or even embroider the marks.
  3. Add your word art: Finally, add your word art. This could be a quote, a list of names, or your favourite saying.

You can do this manually, or you can use a service like Beyond a Word’s custom word art to create a professional-looking design.

Benefits of Personalised Decor

  • Unique: Personalised decor is unique to you. No one else will have the same design.
  • Meaningful: These pieces carry a special meaning, making them more than just decor.
  • Versatile: You can personalise any item, from pillows to wall art, making it easy to incorporate into your existing decor.


Q: How do I care for my personalised pin map pillow?
A: Most pillow covers can be machine washed on a gentle cycle. For the longevity of the print, it’s best to turn the cover inside out before washing.

Q: Can I change the design once it’s printed?
A: Unfortunately, once the design is printed, it can’t be changed. However, you can always order a new cover with a different design.

Q: Where can I buy personalised pin map pillows?
A: You can order personalised pin map pillows from various online retailers. You might also find them in boutique home decor stores.

Q: Can I use a word art print from a different artist for my personalised pin map pillow?
A: Yes, as long as you have the rights to use that design. Remember, it’s important to respect artists’ rights and copyrights.

Embrace the trend of Word Art Prints for Personalised Pin Map Pillows, and bring comfort and memories into your living space. Whether you’re a globe-trotter, a design enthusiast, or simply someone who cherishes memories, these pillows offer an innovative way to remember your favourite places. Happy creating!

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