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In a world where the impersonal often takes precedence, the personalised touch in gifting holds a charm that’s hard to ignore. A trend that stands out in this context is gifting word art. A word art gift is a unique and creative way to express your sentiments, making each gift a heartfelt gesture that goes beyond the conventional. The personalised touch in each word art gift transforms it into a keepsake, something to be cherished over years and generations.

Word Art Gifts: The Personalised Way to Express

Word art gifts are not just gifts, but expressions of your thoughts and emotions. They are a perfect blend of words and art, where words are not just written but artistically presented. From a simple name to a heartfelt message, any text can be transformed into a piece of art, making it a much-loved gift, regardless of the occasion.

One of the major draws of word art gifts is their ability to be customised. Sites like Beyond a Word offer a wide range of word art gifts that can be personalised to suit your needs. Whether it’s a custom word art for a birthday or a bespoke typographic design for an anniversary, the possibilities are endless.

The Art behind Word Art

The beauty of word art lies in its ability to tell a story through words. The words are artistically arranged, often in a shape or a pattern, creating an image that’s both meaningful and visually pleasing. This craft of arranging and presenting text is known as typography, a skill that’s key to creating stunning word art gifts.

There are various styles and forms of word art. Some popular ones include typographic portraits, where a person’s image is created using words, and shape word art, where words are arranged to form a specific shape. You can also find word cloud art, where words are scattered in a pattern, each with different sizes to denote their importance.

Websites like offer a variety of word art designs that can be personalised and turned into gifts. From creating your own designs to choosing from their extensive gallery, the options are vast.

How to Choose the Perfect Word Art Gift

Choosing the perfect word art gift involves a few steps:

  1. Understand the recipient: Consider their likes, interests, and personality. The more you know about them, the easier it will be to choose a design that they’ll appreciate.
  2. Choose the words: This could be a special quote, a memorable date, or even a simple message. The words you choose will form the heart of your gift.
  3. Pick a style: From typographic portraits to word clouds, there are various styles to choose from. Pick one that suits the occasion and the recipient.
  4. Customise: Add a personal touch by customising colours, fonts, and layouts. Most word art services allow you to preview your design, so you can tweak it until you’re satisfied.


What is a word art gift?

A word art gift is a piece of art created using words. It’s a personalised gift option where words are artistically arranged to tell a story or convey a message.

Where can I buy word art gifts?

There are various online platforms like Beyond a Word and where you can design and purchase word art gifts.

Can I customise my word art gift?

Yes, most word art services allow you to customise your design. You can choose your words, pick a style, and even adjust colours, fonts, and layouts.

Incorporating the personalised approach in gifting not only adds a personal touch but also creates a stronger emotional connection. Word art gifts, with their unique blend of words and art, provide a creative and meaningful way to express your sentiments. So, the next time you’re looking for a gift that speaks volumes, consider a personalised word art gift.

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