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There is no doubt that using drugs alters your perception of reality but these pictures will suprise you! A reddit user uploaded these images onto the site of self portraits drawn befroe, during and after taking LSD while a friend sat wth her talking through the 'trip'. The difference between the before and after and the drugs hit her are amazin.! She really was on a whole new planet for a while.


Before any noticeable effects of the LSD


After 45 mins… "Feeling anything yet" "Nope" "Those are some bright colours!" "Hmm yes maybe i'm feeling something"


After 1 hour and 45 mins… there's definitely something going on in her head!


After 2 hours and 15 mins… those coloured pencils are starting to come in handy


After 3 and half hours….
“I didn’t draw the eyes. Do you want me to draw the eyes? I don’t feel like drawing the eyes.”


After 4 hours and 45 minutes….
“i didnt draw the eyes as I didn’t want the picture to look at me at all.” Errr not to mention the fact that you now seem to be a nice shade of violet!?


After 6 hours….
“I lost the black pencil. I only had the coloured ones.”
At least she has eyes again… even if they are green


After 6 hours and 45 mins…..

I think we can safely say that she is officially on another planet at this point


After 8 hours….
After 45 minutes in the dark, listening to some Pink Floyd, she started to draw again… the portrait seems to have taken a slightrly darker turn


After 8 hours and 45 minutes….
She wasnt satisfied with the last one and decided to go again… : “During the previous one, I tried to draw what was inside my head, but in the middle of it, things were happening outside my head instead.”
….. ok….


After 9 and a half hours….
While the effects were fading…
“Do you want to draw a last one? Like, a normal one? – I’ll try. “  

Wow… it looks like it was one hell of a trip! Remember peeps… do not try this at home or you might end up looking like an extra from Harry Potter

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