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How do you show your customers how much you care about their business besides providing reliable services or products? The answer is corporate gifts.

Corporate gifts can be anything from day to day office supplies that contain your company’s logo to bakery delivery.  Having it personalised is even more effective to show your appreciation to your customer in a genuine fashion.

When gifting is done right, it will serve as a constant reminder that your company cares and values the relationship and the growth that you can achieve together in the future. However, a personalised gift is not just something personal. To strengthen the relationship, you have to put in an effort to package your corporate gift that is within your budget and to choose a product that will resonate with the company such as a personalised artwork chosen from our collection.

Corporate Gifts personalised Art

With the proper guidance, you will be able to turn your corporate gifts into an excellent investment that sends the right message to the recipient and creates a long-lasting positive impression. The key points to look for are:

1.Not just another gift lying around

First, get a gift that is relevant to them and is worthy of being treasured forever. A great example would be a personalised art in a plaque design recognising their success which they can proudly mount on the wall of their offices.

2.Add a personal touch

To make it special to the recipient, make it about them, not you. That means think about engraving or imprinting into the gifts their names, achievements, personalised message and to include the name of your company. That will show thoughtfulness and make your gift unique from others. Don’t forget to add a handwritten note with your gift.

3. Don’t worry about gift clashing

When your gift is personalised with unique design, you do not need to worry if the recipient the same type of gifts from others. The focus should be placed on creating the best personalised gift possible to ensure that any gift clashing will result in yours standing out.

4. Don’t skimp but also don’t overdo

While it is true that there is no such thing as going “over the top” when gifting, it is unreasonable to spend $400 gift on a client that pays you only $200 a year for your service. That said, it is wise to spend generously on your loyal long term or high potential clients taking into consideration the positive business returns. By giving a lavish gift, you are sending a clear message of appreciation which in turn reflects a positive impression on your company’s performance in business.

5. Research on each of your clients

Regardless of how expensive they are, it is insensitive to send 50 bottles of wine to all your clients when a number of them do not even drink or a nice can of fois graswhen they already told you that they are vegans. Recall on the food, drink, and hobby that they indulge which they occasionally mentioned to you and start from there.

6. Think outside the season

Practice gifting regularly. Don’t wait for the seasonal or festive time to remind your client how much their business means to yours. You are risking being set aside into a large pool of gift baskets and cards.

An off-season gift or even just greeting will remind them that you care about them throughout the year.

So, make your company stands out amongst the long list of clients and send them a personalised gift now! Many businesses are surprised by the positive results a customised gift has on improving customer retention and solidifying business relationships.

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