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Your best friend is finally getting married. No longer will you and your mate be searching for feisty sheilas at the pub after pounding down a few Fosters. Wedding Gift Personalised Artwork on CanvasHis bachelor days may be over now but you still want to show him that you want the best for his relationship with his new wife. Picking out the right gift can be difficult. You want something to commemorate your friendship but also this new special time in his life. Getting him a unique artwork from Beyond A Word will be something from you to him and his wife that can be enjoyed together. Select some unique word arrangement, fonts and colors for them to hang up on the wall of the home they will be sharing to death do them part.

100% personalised and unique

His and Hers Sound Wave Wedding Personalised Gift Art
Exciting gift

The His and Her Soundwave Art would be a fun, scientific looking way to put someone’s promises into visual artwork. Tell each person to say, “I do” with out telling them why and surprise them with this! We will need recordings of each voice in order to complete this but it will 100% personalised and unique. Please send an email to a representative for advice on how to send the voice recording.


Personalised Artwork Wedding Gift Ideas
Art relaxes people

Getting married brings a lot of responsibilities. Your best friend is planning on spending the rest of his life with the same person and this moment can be stressful for him. Studies show that having art on the wall relaxes people and puts them in a better mood. Keeping the wife happy usually means remembering certain things. Put on the the artwork those special dates, names of parents in law, the city she grew up in, her birthday and especially the anniversary date to give the groom a subtle reminder of things he shouldn’t forget in the future. The groom won’t run into the age old problem of forgetting the anniversary when the date is hung up on the wall! While the wife enjoys it as a piece of art, the groom may see it as handy organizer to the new names and important dates in his life he’ll come across.

Satisfy different taste for art

Personalised Artwork Egg Shell Typographic Canvas Art PrintConsider the Egg Shell Typographic for the new husband. The style doesn’t seem to be too girlie and both the groom and bride will appreciate this style in their house.



It’s never too early or too late for Art

Typographic Photo Art Wedding Personalised ArtworkIt’s never too late to congratulate the husband and wife if you forgot to order him something during the wedding. They will greatly appreciate the time and effort it took you to design and customise a beautiful word art for them. What better way to start a long lasting committed relationship other than a masterpiece like these to symbolise their affection? Hanging one of these on their way will always remind them of the day they exchanged vows! So what are you waiting for?! Order your customised word art for the bride and groom today and put a smile on their faces.


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