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Are you moving to a new office space or looking to add life and character to your current one? Well, there are some appealing reasons to consider incorporating art design into your plans.

art in the office


This is a concept that takes from the idea that every company has a story or message to share. Adding customised art to the workplace–be in the hallway, lobby or the office–can be an excellent way of sharing the history and development of the company.

The custom-made mural for Spectrum Equity’s corporate office created by Casey Bodling is an excellent example. It’s an art piece painted on a curved hallway to portray the renowned landmarks of Boston and San Francisco. The depiction of these two cities isn’t accidental as they represent the location of the company’s two main offices.

This is a great example of how you can utilise art to portray a larger narrative regarding what you do.

Another great idea is to utilise art to share your ideas, vision, achievements, and initiatives. This presents a great platform to remind your employees, clients, and partners, what you’re all about.

This is just what the Jigsaw Company had in mind when they created a big mural inspired by various kinds of propaganda throughout history. They decorated the workplace with photos of former extremists who abandoned violence and settled for peace.

As a company dedicated to stopping cyber-attacks and protecting access to information, these artworks certainly make sense and always remind anyone who steps in the premises that their tech is meant to protect.

Creating an Atmosphere

Art is not only ideal for sharing stories and messages, it can also create a good atmosphere for the staff. The colour and ambience of the workplace play a vital role in the morale of people. Consider employing art and colour to create a more appealing atmosphere, one that suits the purpose of the workplace.

Varying colours influence the mood of people differently. Nothing steps on a person’s morale like grey walls, grey cubicles, grey furniture and grey carpets. Dull colours just don’t make the cut.

Bright and bold colours, on the other hand, lend a positive vibe to the workplace. This ultimately improves brain activity, focus, efficiency and productivity.

Many offices nowadays have fun, bold and bright colours and if that’s the case with your premises, you can lend the space a fresh look by adding artworks on the other side of the colour spectrum.

Contemporary pieces are especially ideal for waiting and reception rooms, as they are great places to start conversations.

Go for vivid colours such as red and orange as they evoke energy, thus stimulating conversions and set the right tone for meetings with visitors. Utilise them in spaces where the staff need to be upbeat or energetic such as rooms that are used for brainstorming sessions.

The warmer shades (reds, oranges and yellows) are usually associated with creativity and warmth, making them ideal for boosting productivity.

For the best results, it is advisable to keep bright colours to a minimum, as overdoing it can be quite distracting.

On the other hand, if you want the staff to feel comfortable and approachable, employ brown in your art design in order to lend a sense of order.

Blue also tends to evoke calmness and harmony. In fact, cold tones (blues, purples and greens) make people feel relaxed.

Boosting Creativity

JPMorgan Chase became a model for organisations all over the world for incorporating artwork both for creating an ideal ambience and also branding.

The company has one of the most celebrated corporate collections, which is deemed as a ‘working asset’ that not only showcases their key values (innovation, creativity and diversity) but also improves the workplace for the enjoyment for anyone who sets foot in the establishment.

When David Rockefeller, former president of Chase Manhattan Bank, started the collection, he saw it as a way of promoting creativity in the workplace.

Back in 1959, the idea that art could be used for more than decoration, to ideally stimulate a workplace both intellectually and visually was a very new idea.

Art design helps create a progressive as well as inclusive culture for clients, employees and guests. It also creates an environment that engages with an individual’s capacity to think critically and nourish the soul.

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According to the team at MaxFunding, “several studies have proven that art in the workplace helps boost the staff’s creativity and productivity by up to 30%. So, in addition to the art being aesthetically appealing, it makes financial sense to invest in art design for the workplace.”

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