Posted on May 13, 2015 at 12:21 am Typography

What makes your family a family? Is it the funny inside jokes you have? What about the endless family vacations? How about meaningful songs?

There are so many different parts that make your family whole. Odds are, you want to cherish those memories for as long as you can.

And there’s no better way to hold onto these memories than having a personalized piece of art for your unique family.

We have exactly what you need.

With our typographic canvas art images, you can get these loved-filled memories displayed delicately for all to see.

typographic art

Not only does it display your favorite memories, but this canvas art is designed by our team of experts, so it also makes a great addition to your home.

Here’s how it works: Think about all the special moments you have with your family. It can be anything – nicknames, trips, beloved pets, favorite songs, careers, birthdays. Any and everything that means something to your family.

Now add that to your canvas art. Pick the color and font you want for your individual piece.

If there’s a special statement or word you want to highlight because it’s extra special, we can do that too.

Then we handle the rest. We arrange the words in a delicate but create fashion, arranging them into the perfect design based on your specifications.
Birthday gifts for her
mothers day gifts

And let’s face it – what mum isn’t going to love a gift like this for her birthday or mother’s day? It’s exactly what every mum wants – a symbol of her family’s perfection. So instead of giving her the average bath products or more candles, give her a gift she actually wants!

Or it can be the ideal anniversary gift, as it serves as a reminder of the beautiful members your family has created over the years and continue to make in the future.

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