Posted on January 16, 2015 at 3:38 am Gift-ideas

Phew we can finally take a breath after the craziness of November and December,  we had our best year yet in 2014 creating more than 500 personalised artworks throughout the year for customers around the globe from our home shores Australia as far as Canada.  We have now expanded our range of personalised designs up to 42 different styles.

house rules custom word art

We now have six different styles of house rules personalised artwork designs available in up to 25 different colour backgrounds,  as with all of our art the basic design can be customised as little or as much as required to make it into a perfect personalised gift idea for any occasion from a Nan or Grandad’s birthday ( such as the design on the left)  or these house rules bespoke artworks make fantastic mothers and fathers day gifts.

Another theme that seems to be getting more popular is combining a  favourite or meaningful photo with either a quote or relevant words to make a stunning combination of photo and typographic art. photo word personalised- i art

The example to the right is a design we created recently for a customer with some inspirational words that really mean something to the family,  this particular design was a gift for a daughter that was going away and will serve as a great reminder of the strength of her family unit and the fact they are therefore.  The beauty of personalised art as a gift is the fact that it will sit proudly on the wall as a reminder of that special occasion.

personalised canvas art The artwork on the left is one of our word clusters designs  and had received a lot of comments and attention since it was posted on Facebook page with at least two people contacting us and asking for exactly the same colour scheme and layout.  I must admit the colour scheme  and layout of this particular design works really well.

personalised gift ideas This last design was actually created  for my  own sister Julie, as can imagine a lot of thought went into the words and colour scheme making it something that she will treasure forever and the desired effect was achieved in a somewhat dramatic way when I presented it to her Christmas when she broke down in tears and couldn’t stop thanking me for the thoughtfulness of the gift.

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