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In case you need reminding, Christmas is fast approaching. Some people don’t require gifts but for everyone else — your parents, siblings, children, close friends, and spouse included — gift-giving is all about being personal and showing your appreciation in the most thoughtful way possible. One way to do it is with a customised gift.

Personalised Australia Pinboard Map Wall Art

Personalised art gifts have opened the doors to a wide array of options. Even the simplest gift can be turned into a personalised masterpiece. And it’s super convenient—no more store hopping, no more frustrations, no more choosing a gift just because you have no better options. Your loved ones deserve better than that! We offer you One-of-a-kind gifts to show you care, whether you are looking to give gifts to your husband, wife, parent, child or best friend. Everyone loves a present with a personal touch.

Our personalised push pin maps are all the rage right now, these gorgeous maps are available for the world, Australia, the USA, Europe and also Southeast Asia. Each map can be customised using your own words, Family names and we can even add extra cities on if you been to some remote places that are almost maps! When ordering you can choose from more than 25 compass/personalised options, each map has been created in our signature process allowing the art to support pins been pushed in, we send each push pin map artwork with 30 pins.

Personalised art ideas for ChristmasFor the women in your life, you can choose to give them the gift of strength. One of our more popular word art prints is this one. You can choose a personal photograph as a background or let us help you find a stock photo or other image to make this gift as personalised as possible.

Reasons to choose a Personalised Gift for Christmas this year include

1. A Gift to be Treasured forever

When a gift has been individually personalised with your creativity, it’s amazing to see how attached your recipient will get to their gift.

2. Your Personal Touch

A personalised wall hanging lets them know that you had this gift made specifically for them, not just something you picked up on the way to their Holiday dinner and hurriedly wrapped it in the parking lot.

3. The Thought is what Counts

Most of the world has heard the phrase “It’s the thought that counts”. That phrase has a ton of truth in it. Make your next gift count by personalising it and letting the recipient know you’ve taken the time to give a thoughtful gift just for them.

4. No worry if someone else got them the same gift

I’m sure at least some people have been to a get-together or a Christmas party in which the recipient receives doubles of the same gift. You can avoid this by having your gift personalised and custom made to your own design, specifically for them.

5. Not Just Another Gift

Once the Christmas dinner or party has ended the recipient will go home and sort through their large pile of gifts. Most of the time they will forget who gave them the gifts, or after they have played with the items for a day or two, they will go missing or be another dust collector. Having a personalised gift made means that you can make a special present stand out from the rest.

word art giftsYou can consider giving the gift of having their favourite song lyrics printed over a personally chosen photograph or image like we have done here. This is a great way to give that special present to someone who treasures music in their lives.

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who is involved in sports as a coach or a player. Here is an idea we have put together in the past (sports-coach-gift-idea.jpg) that is very popular with the gift recipient. We could make this as a netballer, a tennis player or a golfer. Any sport you would like to have would look great presented this way to someone with all the words of encouragement and admiration you want.

Maybe you just want to show your loved one how special they are, and show them all the qualities you love about them. We have an example here as a guide but of course, feel free to customise this in any way you need. We can also print this in a variety of fonts and colours to match the decor or the favourite tastes of the person being presented with this marvellous gift.

We make all our canvas art prints here in Australia. We use high-quality ink and canvas to ensure you receive the quality you deserve while maintaining the best possible prices. We’re happy to help you select the word art that completely suits your needs. Please contact us for any assistance you need to plan your Christmas shopping.

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