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Not a lot of people know this, but fonts, their size, and colours play a very important role when it comes to things like presentations, official work, or even typography. Very few people know and understand the difference between each though. For example, lets assume you are a professional and you need to write an appropriate to the C.E.O of the organization. Now obviously you will not make small hearts on every I you write or makes hearts in place of Os. If you were writing to your beloved, you would not address them as sir or madam. Just like how that makes a difference, so will the fonts you use.

The Font Family

script fontFirst, you need to be familiar with the font family. When you are making a canvas, you need a font which stands out, which is not dull and is attractive. Fonts like Cambria, Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma, and other fonts do not seem appropriate. They are way too formal. These fonts are not attractive, and cannot express the sentiments that you wish to portray through a canvas. On the other hand, fonts like Script, Handwritten, and Graffiti can make the appropriate impact. Remember that the fonts you use make the first impression on the person who will receive the gift, so it has to be very special, according to the occasion.

Playing with Colours

Using combinations is always fun, a plain colour will seem a bit dull, somewhat gloomy, whereas playing and experimenting can be really fun. For example instead of using this regular font in black to describe ‘love’ you can go for the more attractive one like ‘L ve.’ Notice how much of a difference that makes? Adding colours, abstracts, images, symbols, make a huge one. Make sure you experiment with many colours though, do not just stick to the very obvious colour combinations like pink and red; play with lemon yellow and neon green, or try baby blue with bright orange.

Sizes and Other Options

There is just so much you can do with fonts. Think about using different sizes as well, just like using different colours, different sizes can make different impacts. Let us say that you are making a canvas to gift to a friend on their birthday. What you can do is keep the words Happy Birthday in a large creative font or fonts. Whereas, the other words you use, like the description of your friend can be in smaller fonts compared to Happy Birthday. The words like Crazy, Fun, Love can be made bold, italic, or could be highlighted by being underlined.

Identifying the Differences

You will not find hard to tell the differences between a formal font, and a creative font, they are pretty much obvious. There is a trick which you can use though. Notice how the ‘L’ in LOVE, has a small flag like thing sticking out? Look again, . Such fonts with flags are for formal use whereas the creative ones let you be creative, have fun!

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