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We know how it is in winter. Your feet are itching to travel again but the weather makes you think of staying indoors with a warm blanket.  While you’re all tucked up snug, you look at the walls in your home and think maybe they need to be brightened up. We have some travel related art suggestions for you!

How about a giant map of the world with all your travel destinations documented on it. It will be custom made to your specifications with the destinations you choose. Having your journeys laid out for you where you can see the distances you have covered and the places you have been can be a powerful visual display! Show your friends the places you have been, and the places you want to travel to as well. You could use this to plan a group trip with your friends!

Personalised map art australia

Maybe you’d prefer a word map of the places you have travelled, rather than a physical map. We can do that for you, too! Art like this is a great reminder of your fantastic adventures. List the places you have travelled to and let us arrange them in a pleasing combination in the colours of your choosing. 

We can get your word map to you promptly so you’re not waiting around for it, and they also make excellent gifts for your travelling companions to remember the great time you had on your exploration of the world. Add some additional descriptive words of your journey and liven up the memories.


Personalised Word Art Gifts Brisbane

Are you someone who finds excitement in destinations? For you, nothing is more exciting than standing in an airport waiting for your boarding gate to open.  You feel the thrill of boarding a plane and travelling to a new culture, with time to explore and learn! Recapture this amazing thrill with a new piece of wall decor.

You might like this flight arrival board style of layout to remember all your amazing journeys. We will custom make this for your wall with the destinations you select. You could use it to commemorate past journeys or as a bucket list of future travel plans. Share it with your friends and family and every time you look up at the wall you can experience the thrill of travel.

flight chart custom art

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