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You have a special occasion coming up and you are at your wit’s end as to what to get your partner. We all know the saying “It’s the thought that counts”, but when you’re looking for a gift for a special occasion like your engagement, anniversary or Valentine’s Day, it simply won’t do, will it?

After all, giving a gift is a way to express your feelings of gratitude and appreciation towards someone special in your life. If you have been searching for a unique engagement or wedding gift, your best choice would be a personalised gift, something that isn’t mass produced. There is nothing quite like receiving a gift that was made especially for you.

Here at Beyond a Word, we can do that for you. We produce canvas art using your personal message, your choice of colour and font and we design a word art gift that will be as unique as your relationship. We can help you to create a specialised gift for any occasion.

Here are some examples.

custom engagement gift ideas

For this anniversary gift, we used our client’s photo of their much-beloved dog to create an artwork that is unique to the couple. The choice of a clean but bold font adds to the charm of this custom-made gift.

word art canvas print

This is a design that has stayed popular with our clients over time. We recommend it for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and wedding invitations. Although the design is simple and basically stays the same, each couple, or person, can turn it into a unique gift. The message itself, the use of fonts and colours make each canvas artwork unique. This type of artwork has also been chosen as an engagement gift.

Soundwave art gifts Australia

Here is another design that works extremely well for personalised wall art for any special occasion. You can choose a lyric or a poem that expresses your thoughts and let us design a personalised engagement present or Valentine’s gift for you. Of course, if you are good with words, pass it on to us to create the ultimate intimate gift for your partner.

Butterfly Shape Custom Word Art
Butterfly Shape Custom Word Art

There are few occasions more joyful than a christening. Here at Beyond a Word, we can help you to create personalised wall art to welcome a new family member to the fold. We can offer you a wide range of design ideas so you can create your own personalised wall art.

Personalised photo Gifts Sydney
Personalised Photo Gifts Sydney

This is an example of a personalised photo gift that is very popular with our clients. Printed on our premium quality, award-winning fine art paper made of 100% cotton or top-quality canvas it makes a unique gift.

Buy Word Art Australia

Personalised canvas prints are a great engagement gift idea. These gifts are printed on a choice of premium quality, award winning fine art paper made of 100% cotton or stretched canvas. The design and choice of colours and fonts say it all in a stylish way. It’s an engagement gift that you won’t find anywhere else in Australia, or in the world for that matter.

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