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Are you looking for ways to inspire employeesand enhance output atyour workplace?

You might not have thought of updating the artistic decor, but you might be surprised at how effective art can be in improving lives.

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Most corporate interior decor is uninspiring and completely formulaic which means it’s almost always overlooked and basically serves no purpose. However, office art shouldn’t be an afterthought and should be given important consideration.

There is a body of research which explains the effectiveness of office art in inspiring staff and increasing well-being, along with productivity.

f you’re wondering about the advantages of including artwork in your workplace, here’s a brief list.

Four Ways to Boost Productivity through Workplace Art

  1. Creative Stimulation

Having art around has the potential to spur creativity. Having generally impressive photography or artwork around can help in naturally encouraging people to be creative instead of trying to force it artificially through use of clichéd images of achievement or inspirational slogans.

Interesting and inspiring artwork not only creates talking points but also helps in encouraging innovative thinking and it also stimulates discussion.

Remember, placement is everything.

  1. The Reason to Refocus

For most people, a working day usually means staring at a screen all day long and that’s why it is also called the modern work curse.

If there is a reason for employees to look away and to refocus again on the screen, it will help them by reducing headaches, fatigue as well as long-term negative effects of eyestrain. If artwork displayed in the office or on the wall is changed regularly, it will encourage people to take a break from their screen and have a look around which will provide a much-needed rest to their eyes along with their mind.

  1. Welcome Distraction

Admiration for artwork around the office may also provide much-needed distraction from the task at hand which can be a good thing, contrary to popular belief. Some research studies have shown that the daydreaming brain is always engaged in a variety of mental processes and is really active.

According to Australian hypnotherapy and mental experts, when you think that your brain is switched off, it doesn’t really slows down. They explain, “instead, it’s busy in replenishing the reserves of physical and mental energy on which helps in solidifying memories, encouraging creativity, replenishing attention and increasing productivity which are important attributes when it comes to the world of work.”

  1. Brand Value Reinforcement

The art displayed on the floor space or on the office walls tells a lot about your brand. If you take pride in your work environment, it also tells your staff that there is a clear brand philosophy and you care about them. If you involve employees when it comes to decision making, it can also help in driving debate and engagement.

You should seriously think about including artwork from local colleges or local artists. It has multiple benefits. It will help in boosting your standing in the local community which, in turn, will help you find good employees locally and you can also use it to generate positive press about your business in the local press.

According to Max Funding, flexible workspace and remote working are a growing trend and many businesses want to stamp their identity on the office space. This is resulting in demands for finance that don’t just cover traditional office overheads, but new non-traditional productivity boosters like the art and design. They explain“workspace providers are increasingly forward thinking. This allows businesses to personalise their office space. They also understand the importance of involving clients in the discussions for artwork in the communal space. With new ways to motivate staff comes new demands for creative working spaces.”

Can office productivity be boosted with artwork?

Cultivating fresh thinking and innovation is extremely critical to maintaining a productive and happy workforce, driving growth and remaining competitive in today’s hyper competitive business environment.

Workspaces that are inspirational help professionals deliver great performances and this is the reason, it’s time to reconsider in case you haven’t budgeted for artwork in your next budget.

Budgeting for artwork can help in creating the right environment for better business planning and for generation of ideas which will be beneficial for both the business and the staff.

What changes are you going to make to your office today, to make for a brighter office tomorrow?

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