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One of the major advantages in the falling cost of printing is that custom and personalised art is now available to anyone. There’s no longer any reason to pay excessive fees to artists or to pay low prices for mass produced art from shopping malls. If you want a piece of art that it is personal to you and your home then you can design it online and have it delivered to your address, visit this page to learn more

wedding-gift-ideasYou can design your own piece of custom art for very reasonable and affordable prices and still have a piece of personalised art that you designed. People are always surprised when they enter a house for the first time and see self designed art owned by the occupier. Moreover it’s a great way to add your personality to your home without emptying your bank account or maxing your credit cards.

Many people are now choosing to decorate their homes with personalised art as it gives their house the feeling of a home and a living space that truly represents them. If you take a look at the amazing catalogue of designs and ideas at you are sure to fall in love with custom art.

Who are Beyond a Word?

Beyond a word are an Australian based design company that specialise in creating personalised word art. They are famous for producing high quality bespoke art that is scientifically proven to last up to seventy years. Their customers include individuals looking to decorate their home, people looking to send a specialised gift to a loved one and companies looking to add a personal touch to their office space or working environment.

The materials and manufacturing are all Australian but the company will deliver anywhere in the United Kingdom, United States and of course Australia.

The catalogue of designs includes wedding gift art, cluster art, nine panel canvas prints, photo name art, tram destination scrolls and many more inspirational ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Our Wedding Day Canvas print

Everyone is born with the desire to create, it’s one of our innate behaviours and helps you to do that with their easy to use ordering system.

If you are looking to display custom art in your home then they are the right place to go. You are certain to be impressed with the finished product when your piece of personalised art lands conveniently at your door.

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