Posted on June 27, 2013 at 10:12 am Bus Scrolls

Personalised Bus ScrollsIf you’ve recently moved into a new house or apartment or have decided the time has come to redecorate, you can use bus scrolls to liven up any room. When mass transportation became available in cities and elsewhere, early in the 20th Century, destinations would be displayed on the outside of the buses on scrolls. These scrolls were made of sturdy canvas to stand up to the rough and tumble existence of transportation, and many people have nostalgic connections with them from their earlier years.

Bus destination scrolls enabled people to navigate through cities easily, and some buses that used these scrolls also traveled between towns and cities. Buses were a dependable means of getting to work or school on time, or even to visit a cultural event. These scrolls are a great way to bring a bit of the past into your home, and also make a great gift for a relative or friend. Australian bus scrolls show how people got around Oz, and can be totally authentic reproductions or personalised versions with places or people meaningful to you.

You can also take a trip to any city in Europe via bus scrolls. Even if you’ve never been outside Australia or New Zealand, you can visit with a scroll. Paris, London, literally any city in the world can come to your home showing authentic links in the city. While most bus scrolls feature white lettering on a black background, you can also choose the more subtle brown lettering on beige or white on sky blue. If you really feel bold, why not design your wall art as a coloured scroll to really capture the attention.

Bus scrolls can enliven a dull corner or bracket a window, and are appropriate for any room in the home. As personalised bus scrolls are our specialty, would a bus scroll for the kitchen with the names of herbs or some of your favorite recipes work for you? Bus scrolls give us the chance to be creative and imaginative as well as providing some great art. Gardeners might want a scroll listing their favorite flowers.

To assure our customers of the finest quality bus scrolls, we use only the best materials to create your scroll. Our canvas is 100% cotton and chosen because it has plenty of ‘character’, just like the original bus scrolls. We use Epson inks to make sure that the colours stay fresh and bright over the years, and laminate your bus scroll to protect it from harm. We now offer personalised art Gift Vouchers, too.

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