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When you have become weary of the usual family portraits and want to add something with a bit of zip to your walls, use DNA Art to provide you with bright, original, and completely unique pictures of your family. We are all used to seeing only the outside of people, but the techniques employed at DNA Art will give everyone a peek at the ‘real person’. All of society’s artifices will be stripped away as the individual genetic code of you, your spouse, and the kids are displayed.

Although most people consider that the abstract patterns work best with a modern decorative theme, why not also perk up a traditional room with some colourful DNA prints? There are dozens of different styles and colours to choose from, and you can have the DNA for up to 4 people included on one print. Stretched canvas is our most popular model, but you can also choose a Stretched Canvas Print, Framed Print, or Floating Frame, any of which will add your family’s presence perfectly to any room.

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If your Mum and Dad have an anniversary coming up and you’re stuck with what to get them, you can depend on a DNA print to provide them with a gift they will never forget. You can feature not only the genetic coding of their children, but also the grandchildren, and it will be a subtle reminder of the continuity of generations. A Gift Box from DNA Art can also be provided so that they can celebrate their togetherness in this way.
Once you have taken a look at all the great styles we offer, and are ready to place your order, you’ll find that our simple process makes it easy. Within days of ordering, you’ll receive our kit in the mail that includes swabs and complete instructions. After taking a mouth swab, you need only return the prepaid mailer to us and wait for your DNA print to arrive.

You need not confine your prints to only the human members of your family either; most people who have pets will want to include their genetic material in their wall art. You can take a swab from your dog, cat, or even pet tortoise and have this translated into abstract art by DNA Art. As with human DNA, a bit of your pet’s double helix will be transformed into art that will always be totally unique.

If you are worried about the permanence of your family’s display, you can rest assured that the specialists at DNA Art use only the best possible materials. Archival canvas and acid free paper will guarantee that the substrate maintains its integrity for decades. Our premium quality, hand-blended inks are the finest available and will retain their fresh bright colours regardless of where they are displayed in the room. We stand behind our guarantee as Australia’s only DNA art workshop. Feel free to engage in our live chat with our customer service team for any questions you may have about our art or the print process.

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