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When someone we care about is going through a challenging time, we often struggle to find the right words to express our condolences. How about using Personalised Word Art? Offering comfort and support through this unique form of expression can be a beautiful way to connect with the grieving person while showing respect and sympathy.

What is Personalised Word Art

Personalised Word Art is a type of visual art that uses words and phrases to create an image or pattern. You can choose to incorporate meaningful words, quotes, or phrases that can evoke heartfelt emotions. This form of art is not new, but its application for expressing sympathy is a unique and thoughtful approach.

For instance, at Beyond a Word, you can find a broad range of custom word art designs that are perfect for expressing various emotions, including sympathy.

How to Craft Sympathy Word Art

Crafting personalised word art for conveying sympathy can be a delicate endeavour. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Choose the Right Words: Be thoughtful about the words you wish to include. They should be comforting and respectful. You could consider using phrases from famous poems, inspirational quotes, or even personal messages.

  2. Decide on an Appropriate Design: The design should be subtle and soothing. It can be a shape that resonates with the person you’re creating it for, or a symbol of their lost loved one.

  3. Select the Correct Colours: Choose calming colours that are not too vibrant, as they might come off as insensitive during such a time.

  4. Choose the Right Size: The size of the artwork should be considered based on where it will be displayed.

  5. Consider the Recipient’s Preferences: Always keep the recipient’s tastes and preferences in mind while crafting the art. You can check out this guide for some unique gift ideas.

Benefits of Personalised Word Art for Sympathy

Creating personalised word art for sympathy offers several benefits:

  • Unique Expression of Sympathy: It allows you to give a unique and personal expression of your sympathy that can be cherished forever.

  • Therapeutic for the Creator: The process of creating the art can be therapeutic for you as well, allowing you to express your feelings and emotions in a creative way.

  • Long-Lasting keepsake: Unlike flowers or cards, a personalised word art is a long-lasting keepsake that can be displayed in the recipient’s home as a constant reminder of their loved one.

Where to Find Inspiration for Sympathy Word Art

Finding inspiration for creating sympathy word art can come from various sources:

  • Poetry and Literature: Great works of literature and poetry are filled with comforting and profound words that can be used.

  • Personal Memories: Recalling personal memories and stories can provide a rich source of words and phrases.

  • Online Resources: Websites like Beyond a Word offer a plethora of designs and ideas that can inspire you.


Q1: What type of words should I use in sympathy word art?
A: Choose words that provide comfort, hope, and respect. They can be quotes, lyrics, or personal messages.

Q2: What colours are suitable for sympathy word art?
A: Choose calming and soothing colours. Avoid overly vibrant or flashy colours.

Q3: Where can I get personalised word art?
A: You can create it yourself or order from platforms like Beyond a Word that offer custom designs.

Q4: Can I use a picture in my sympathy word art?
A: Yes, you can incorporate a picture into your design. This could be a significant symbol or a photo of the person being remembered.

Crafting personalised word art for sympathy is a thoughtful and unique way to express your condolences. It is a comforting gesture that can be cherished by the recipient for years to come. If you need further inspiration, check out these sympathy gift ideas. Remember, the most important thing is the sentiment behind your effort.

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