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When it comes to saying goodbye, it’s not always easy to articulate our feelings in words. However, personalised word art for farewell gifts can help express the unspoken and make your farewell memorable. Personalised word art is a unique, thoughtful, and creative way to express sentiments that will be cherished long after the farewell.

Understanding Personalised Word Art

Personalised word art is an artistic expression that uses words, phrases, or quotations to create an image or pattern. These words can be names, memorable dates, or phrases that hold a special meaning for the recipient. They are typically arranged in a specific shape or pattern, creating a visually appealing piece of art.

At its heart, personalised word art is all about storytelling – it’s an opportunity to share memories, express appreciation, and convey heartfelt wishes. Whether it’s for a colleague moving on to a new job, a friend relocating to a different city, or a loved one retiring, personalised word art can provide a touching way to say goodbye.

There are various online platforms such as WordArt and Tagxedo that allow you to create your own personalised word art, offering various customisation options. You can also find stunning examples and inspiration from Beyond A Word.

Creating a Personalised Word Art: A Step by Step Guide

Creating personalised word art may seem daunting at first, but with a few simple steps, you can craft a masterpiece that captures your sentiments beautifully. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you:

  1. Decide on the Words: Think about the words you want to include in your art. These could be inside jokes, shared memories, or qualities you admire in the person. The words you choose will make your gift truly personalised and meaningful.

  2. Choose the Shape or Pattern: Decide on the shape or pattern you want your words to form. This could be something that holds significance, such as a heart, star, or even a silhouette of their favourite animal or object.

  3. Pick the Colours: Choose colours that reflect the personality of the recipient or the mood you want to convey. Bright colours can convey joy and excitement, while cooler tones can evoke calmness and serenity.

  4. Design the Layout: Arrange your words in the chosen shape or pattern. You can use an online tool, or if you’re artistically inclined, you can do it by hand.

  5. Print and Frame: Once you’re happy with your design, print it out on high-quality paper and frame it. Your personalised word art is now ready to be gifted!

Choosing the Right Words

When crafting your personalised word art, the words you choose are crucial. They are the crux of your message and can convey the depth of your feelings. Here are some tips to help you choose the right words:

  • Keep it Personal: The words should reflect your relationship with the person. Think about the times you’ve shared, the memories you’ve created, and the qualities you admire in them.

  • Be Positive: Focus on positive words and phrases. This is a farewell gift, so it should leave the person feeling loved and appreciated.

  • Include Details: Add specific details that will make your gift unique to the person. This could be a favourite quote, a shared memory, or an inside joke.

Designing Tips for Personalised Word Art

While crafting your personalised word art, here are some design tips to keep in mind:

  • Balance: Maintain a balance between the size, type, and number of words. Too many large words can make your design look cluttered.

  • Contrast: Use contrasting colours to make your design stand out. This can also help highlight certain words or phrases.

  • Font: Choose a font that matches the mood and style of your word art. A formal font may be suitable for a colleague’s farewell, while a more playful font might be perfect for a friend’s farewell.

Beyond A Word offers numerous Word Art Designs and Typography Art for further inspiration. They also provide a Custom Art service, where you can collaborate with their designers to create your perfect farewell gift.


Q: What is personalised word art?
A: Personalised word art is a piece of artwork that uses words, phrases, or quotations to create an image or pattern. These words can be names, memorable dates, or phrases that hold special meaning for the recipient.

Q: How do I choose the right words for my personalised word art?
A: The words should reflect your relationship with the person, focus on positive sentiments, and include specific details that are unique to the person.

Q: Where can I create personalised word art?
A: You can create personalised word art using online platforms like WordArt and Tagxedo. You can also collaborate with designers from Beyond A Word to create a custom piece.

In conclusion, personalised word art for farewell gifts is a heartfelt way to express your sentiments and create a lasting memory. With the right words, design, and a dash of creativity, you can craft a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

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