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So you’ve finally met your special someone. Personalised art gifts on canvasYou’ve traveled all over the world, moved several times for work but there will always be that one special place where you met, moved in together or place the first special kiss happened. Your relationship began Personalised Artwork on Canvassomewhere and it’s important to remember your origins or travels, so you can tell your children some day. Here at Beyond a Word, we can create customised maps of cities, countries continents and even the world that show your friends and family some specific locations of places special to you!


Style and memories

Putting a map on your wall at home is not only stylish, Our Travels Map Personalised Artbut a great way to show that you’re a worldly person. If you have traveled to a lot of places consider getting a customized Our Travels map and create a route and/or pin drops of the some amazing places you’ve seen. Your voyages are special and seeing this map will bring back great memories of where on Earth you’ve been to!Flight Destination Board Personalised Artwork It’s a great way to start a conversation at a party you’re having. People are always curious about your stories and experiences! This puts into a visual perspective the length and transportation method you and your loved one’s remarkable expeditions. And if you want to show a collective map of all your travels, consider picking one of our many colours to to fill in all the ones you’ve been to. Vintage Travel Map Personalised ArtworkIt’s not just maps we are providing for you but creative works of art that are customised to tell a wonderful story. The Vintage Travel for example is a beautiful piece, designed by our artists to look like map worthy of being showcased in a museum. You may not be Christopher Columbus, but with a map like this, you will feel like a true explorer of the seven seas!


Our Home

For a romantic gift for your husband or wife, consider the Our Home Personalised Artwork on CanvasOur Home map to locate your home town and the pride for your beginning as a family together. There are 196 countries on this planet, but you only have one specific place you call home. With the piece of art, have your home pinpointed with a heart then consider noting other locations in the Map to My Heart Personalised Art Printcity where unforgettable experiences have taken place and label it with what happened there. Moments like, “our first kiss”, “our first date”, “where our child was born”, will commemorate where the most magical events in your life have happened and will look great on your wall in the process! So don’t wait any longer! Explore our many options today!

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