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personalised word artValentine’s Day can be one of the hardest days of the year to have a gift idea for. A lot of people mistake expensive gifts as being good presents because of their price tags, when in reality the best gift ideas come from the heart. Beyond A Word offers a solution by providing you with a service to buy a loved one a Love Heart Personalised Artwork as a unique gift.

Beyond A Word gives you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles in designing a unique gift in the form of a love heart that is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea. Not only is it a unique gift in that it truly is one of a kind, but the letters you choose to shape your Love Heart Personalised Artwork will have a special meaning to both you and your partner that you present it to.

The words that you choose will create the shape of a love heart and will vary in size and colour. Most importantly, the words that you choose for your personalised artwork are words dear to you, all with the aim of creating a unique gift.

The possibilities are absolutely endless and the wording special to you. You can choose words to create your Love Heart personalised artwork such as the name of the restaurant you went on for your first date together; the chat up line you used too woo her; your nicknames for each other; or whatever else comes to your mind. It’s all about you. This personalised artwork really is a unique gift that will ensure a smile for a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

When your loved one opens their Love Heart up and reads the words, you can be sure that he or she will be beaming with delight knowing that, not only is it a stunning piece of artwork, but the wording is from you instead of a generic message you receive in most cards.

This Love Heart Personalised Artwork doesn’t just have to be a unique gift for your partner on Valentine’s Day. You could use it for anniversaries, birthdays or even as a gift to a newly wed or engaged couple.

Designing your Love Heart couldn’t be easier. Simply fill out the form to create the style you want, think of your own personalised artwork and words, and let us do the rest. We’ll make sure that your loved one receives this unique gift a happy person.

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