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Our last blog was pretty popular and we had some great feedback about it, we were told that customers love to see other personalised artworks that we have created so as requested here is a second blog with more images of recent custom canvas prints and bespoke artworks that we have created.

Custom Canvas prints, Bespoke artPerhaps our most popular style at the moment, this style is called ‘Couples Canvas’ and can be seen on our site under a couple of categories such as word clusters and also Wedding Gifts Art . It is available as all of our designs in a variety of shapes, customers order this in square or rectangle and both look great.

The stunning, bold and styled font really help this style stand out from the others, the colour scheme seen here is the most popular.

Unique gift ideas, creative presents
This is a relatively new style we offer called ‘Happiness Bespoke Art’ seen on this page , as can be seen it is shown in two colour schemes on the website, the one shown here with white background, grey and black font and a splash of scarlet plus also something totally different, a baby pink pastel shaded colour scheme.

This one has been created using different fonts as well, unlike the example on the site.

Typographic art on canvas, personalised giftsThis is a variation of our ‘classic typographic’ personalized art style, perhaps the most versatile of all of our styles, this customised art style looks great in any of our 14 different fonts available to choose from. The colour scheme options are as diverse as you can dream, if you have a colour scheme in mind we can create it for you.

This recent design shown here works well with its dark red background and classic font style. This bespoke art style can be seen here


If you have any questions about our custom art creation services please do not hesitate on contacting us, we’re always happy to help

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