Posted on May 2, 2014 at 5:46 am Beautiful photography

If these photographs look like snapshots from your wierdest dreams then you arent alone. Robert Jahns surreal photography has a delightfully strange, whimsical quality that seems to be launch the viewer straight to a strange, alternative fantasy world. Each image strays just a bit away from reality leaving your with a strange other worldly feel. The artist has more than 355,000 followers on instagram!

Such as….Roller Coasting down into New York City


Or these beautiful balloons flting through the clouds… almost too stunning to be true.. because they’re not…


Or this dog floating  happily above the tree line by a bunch of balloons


Is that a Whale in the calm waters of Venice? I would make a ride on a gondala a bit more hair raising!



This would only be possible in your wildest dreams…



The deers horns become tree branches reacxhing up to the moon…



When in the winter? Nope… i dont think so…

 beautiful art Australia

Rest up for the night after a hard days climb here?

fantasy art

Wow… if Elephants looked like this they would truy be the mlost beautiful creature on Earth!

art on canvas

This would be a lot of fun!!

photo on canvas

canvas printing

wall art


One hell of a drop-in!

canvas art

beautiful artwork

beautiful art

I think this guy needs a hand!



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