Posted on April 16, 2015 at 2:25 pm Gift-ideas

Think about the time you’ve shared with your significant other or loved ones.YWedding gift ideasou’ve probably had countless days together, filled with joyful memories of love, happiness and laughter.

With so many more exciting and happy times to come, it’s important to cherish them all and recall back on these memories. While pictures are a great way to remember these happy times, it’s easy to forget the location or exact details. You might not remember exactly where that photo was taken or what date that was.

That’s where our personalized word art comes into play.

personalised canvas printYou won’t have to think, “Remember when…” and not remember specific details. You’ll have all the details displayed in a beautiful typographic art.

It’s the perfect for gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a wedding gift, a little something for an anniversary, or just a present to say “I love you,” we personalise each work of art for you and your loved one.

After all, you’ve spent countless hours and built so many memories together. What better way to remember then than a beautiful typographic art?

Personalized uniquely to you, you can choose whatever words you want to display.

The words, which are stunningly designed and placed throughout the canvas, come in the font and colour of your choice.

unique engagement giftsWhether you want to show specific dates, trips, or even the total number of days you’ve spent together, you’ll get a piece individualized for your¬†memories.

Want a specific memory or sentence to stand out above all the rest? Not a problem! Our team of design experts can creatively arrange your memories so they look appealing and catch some attention.

And, when you’re looking for an idea for the couple¬†who seems to have it all, it’s a great solution.

You can add how they met, the date, their favorite date spots – anything! It’ll be a unique and touching way to celebrate their love. Or your own!

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