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Finding the perfect gift can be a struggle. When you’ve been to all the gift shops and have not come up with something that you feel comfortable to give as a present, it’s time to give a personalised gift. If you’re struggling with a gift idea for a special occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Here at Beyond a Word, we are specialists in personalised word art printed on a choice of premium quality, award-winning fine art paper made of 100% cotton or stretched canvas also made of 100% cotton. We also frame the archival fine art paper with premium grade timber moulding to give the artwork a professional finish.

Our clients have chosen to use our personalised wall art products for all possible special occasions including weddings, wedding anniversaries, engagements, christenings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

But that’s not all. Our personalised wall art has been used for special messages to teachers, best friends and intimate couple messages. If you have a special message for someone, we have the know-how to help you get your message across in a unique way.

Here are some examples.

custom word art gift

This is an example of a unique thank you card. We designed this colourful artwork for a client who wanted to express their gratitude to a teacher that has touched them deeply. You can see how a simple design and well-chosen colours can give you the opportunity to express yourself perfectly. Printed on personalised canvas, this is a gift that will always delight the receiver.

Word Art Australia

This is the striking example of a personalised canvas gift created especially for two best friends. If you are looking for ideas for personalised gifts, a custom word art gift may be the answer. Your personalised gift will look completely different as we have a huge range of styles to help us create unique custom typographic artworks.

photo word art gift sydney

Many of our clients have chosen this design. This combination of a beautiful photo with words, says it all. But every wedding canvas is unique. We follow specifications from our customers to come up with a customised gift for every customer.

Heart Word Art Australia

This is a very popular design for special messages and engagements, but we can create personalised art in any shape, colour or font, with or without an image. Heart-shaped word picture gifts are suitable for many occasions and for most special messages. We create a custom-made one for every client.

custom tram sign art

You have finished an amazing trip with your best friend and you want to express your appreciation for a memorable trip. What better commemorative gift than one of our specialised canvas word art gifts. In this way, your gift will always be a reminder of the adventure, the shopping, the food, the sightseeing, and the places you stayed at.

Photo Word Art Gifts

Photo Wall Art

It is hard to shop for a perfect gift, especially if it’s a special occasion and the gift must carry a special message. What do you give the person you have been married to for many years? The most appropriate gift is often the simplest one. Why not consider a personalised canvas print like this one?

No matter what the occasion, we can help you to create a unique gift to satisfy your specific need.

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