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wierd gifts

`Weird wedding gifts can be fun and useful, but you have to be careful. Image: Flickr

Weddings are a time of celebration and gift giving.

Unfortunately though, some take the gift giving a bit too far.

If you are looking for inspirational gift for a happy couple, take a cue from the following gifts and see what NOT to give a couple-to-be.

Weird gifts can be fun and even useful, but if you go too far or get something that misses the mark then you’re setting yourself up for embarrassment. Bad wedding gifts can turn into ongoing stories that last a lifetime while weird, but fun gifts can be memorable for all the right reasons.

And if you are the happy couple, you may want to think about getting that registry set up.

From the weird and wonderful, to the downright strange and bizarre, here is our selection of the top ten weirdest gifts that have ever graced the gift table.

10. Strange Art Work

What do you say when someone gives you a piece of art, comprised entirely of post-it notes arranged in an “artistic” way inside a large frame? That gift is precisely what one well-wisher decided would be a splendid way to showcase his artistic abilities, as well as present the couple with a unique and very much one of a kind piece of art. Other attempts at artistic wedding gifts include a personalised log complete with the couple’s initials hand carved into it, and a purple handmade photo album, held together with…packing tape. See more artistic wedding gift mishaps.

9. Used Coffee Thermos And Yellow Towel

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A coffee thermos can be a useful gift…unless it’s a used coffee thermos. Image: Flickr

Imagine opening a neatly wrapped parcel, only to find the contents include none other than a bath towel and a coffee thermos – used, of course. That’s exactly the kind of surprise that not one but TWO couples received on their weddings, thanks to a perhaps well-meaning but misguided uncle.

“My husband’s wealthy uncle gave us a used coffee thermos and a yellow bath towel,” explains LinkedIn user Changachoo. “Very strange. We found out years later that he gave my husband’s brother the same thing at his wedding 6 months after ours.”

8. Used Walking Cane

We’re not sure who the thoughtful gift giver was who decided it was a great idea to present the happy couple with a walking cane –slightly used. Maybe they were planning ahead…way ahead. When it comes to useless wedding gifts, this one joins the ranks of the thigh master, the hurricane evacuation kit, and the Halloween-themed nutcrackers.

7. Toilet Rolls

strange gifts

A few rolls might seem tacky, but a year’s supply might be a great gift. Image: Flickr

This couple claims to have received a 24-pack of double toilet rolls. While we have to admit, it’s useful. It’s just not appropriate for a wedding gift. That would be difficult thank you note to write. What would you say? “Dearest Sir/Madam, thank you for the gift of toilet rolls, they were much appreciated…”

6. Toy Soldiers

One couple said that they received a set of toy soldiers “green ones, in a bag” for their wedding. Crowd control perhaps? While toy soldiers would make a great gift for a 6-year-old’s party, they’re not-so-great for a wedding. Unless of course the wedding happens to have a “toy soldier theme,” then they might be okay.

5. Singing Fish

bad gift ideas

There is really no way to put a positive spin on this wedding gift. Image: Wiki Commons

Meet Big Mouth Billy Bass, the motion activated, singing wall mount fish. While we all know that person who loves singing fish, the truth is that most of us wouldn’t appreciate a wedding gift like this. When the lucky couple opened this gift, there was a note attached that said: “Thought this was a perfect gift for a fisherman.” While this may seem fair enough, the strange thing was that neither bride nor groom had ever been fishing in their lives. The singing fish is now safely tucked away at the back of the shelf –with the motion sensor turned off.

4. Pizza Art

Pizza art may sound like a strange concept, but for one happy couple in England, pizza art was actually a much-welcome gift. Of course, this could be because they ordered it themselves from Dominoes. “The pizza-selfie portraits were like nothing we could have imagined,” said the groom. “Definitely our most unusual wedding present!” When it comes to wacky and bizarre gifts, this type of gifting should usually be left for the bride and groom.

3. Expired Hot Chocolate

bad gift ideas

Your best option might be to give a gift card to the best hot chocolate shop in town. Image: Flickr

Hot chocolate is nice, but old, expired hot chocolate from last year is not an ideal wedding present –or anytime present for that matter. One couple, who was married in 2008, received a mug and hot chocolate gift set that had expired in 2007 –yuck! It would have probably been better to just stick with the registry –or to gift something that wasn’t found in the back of the cupboard.

2. Steaks –For Vegetarians

Steaks are a nice gift for some, but for one unlucky couple who received a generous gift certificate to a steak house this was a less-than-welcome surprise. That’s because the couple happened to be vegetarian. Oops! If you’re thinking of giving steak as a gift, make sure that the couple are avid meat eaters ahead of time.

1. Used Bed Sheets

And finally, our number one pick for the wedding gift most likely to be thrown out: used bed sheets. This one is so weird that you have to ask how did the guest think that this was even remotely a good idea? It’s not, in so many ways. As if the fact that the sheets were used wasn’t bad enough, the set had a hole in them, which someone had attempted to fix! While new bed sets are usually a safe choice for a wedding gift, sheets that are used are always a no-go.

When it comes to wedding gifts, there are some things that should definitely be left ungifted.

If you are looking for a unique gift that’s sure to impress, it’s best to stick with things that are likely to be appreciated –like new towels, luxury pillows, or pretty much anything that’s on the registry. Or, if you want to gift something that’s truly unique, go with something a bit more designer-yet tasteful. You could choose a custom sign, a gift certificate for a custom photo book, or a custom word map! The possibilities are limitless…

Just steer clear from the post-it notes!

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